Just over 10 years ago, the founding of CEIO was a response to yearnings for heart-centered, courageous and just ways of being on a systems level, within organizations and as collectives.  We piloted CEIO partnerships with organizations for two years and then entered full partnerships – three years with one organization and five years with another. How rewarding!


As we move into 2020, I look over the terrain, how the soil has been cultivated over these past 10 years and consider what has been seeded, I notice more community members seeking a spot in the garden – plots where new seeds might land, take root and be nurtured.  I believe that CEIO must continue adding rich nutrients to the soil, inspiring creative seed formation and wise planting.  


CEIO – 2020 ON! – What Continues & What’s NEW!


CONTINUING (with NEW twists):

Deeper Change Forums have grown so far beyond my original idea.  The expansion of networks, the loving and fiercely honest environment, the powerful learning.  These gatherings have become the heart of our work. They will resume Spring of 2020.


We will maintain our work supporting community-serving organizations with multi-year Organization Partnerships!  There are organizations that have already expressed interest in entering full partnership and we are also developing a process for allowing additional organizations to apply.


CEIO will also continue supporting YOUTH and COMMUNITY ORGANIZERS in heart-centered, radically inclusive and consciously co-creative ways of designing and holding space.  We are in the process of designing a NEW offering, under the working title: ROOTS & ALL ORGANIZING.  



KALE –  Keeping Accountable to Liberation & Equity


There are increased requests coming to CEIO from organizations who are recognizing their participation in systemic oppression and they want to do something to address it.  During this next phase of CEIO, we hope to help deepen the capacity of organizations that want to move toward greater equity, internal justice-building, but that may not be suited for a long-term, whole system commitment.  Instead of the full CEIO Organizational Partnership these organizations would be served by KALE.


SCC – Seeding Conscious Co-Creation 


Individuals or teams from the Greater New Haven area will be able to apply for CEIO support in forming and sustaining a new idea/way/practice/experience that has a purpose of creating and sustaining Beloved Community by creating greater equity, justice, well-being and liberation within the larger New Haven community. This new program, under the direction CEIO's new Director of Community Engagement, Hanifa Nayo Washington, will widen the circles of participation in visioning and facilitating deeper change.  


Our core technology - conscious co-creation or conscious use of power – is making a difference.  When it comes to building greater equity, justice and ultimately beloved community, this core technology is the vehicle to move us forward.  


A Message from Niyonu Spann - Principal & Co-Founder of CEIO

CEIO will soon release a full length report covering the impact, culture, technologies and discoveries of CEIO to date. The report has been 2 years in the making and a huge blessing as we turn to widen our circles of partnership and connection in New Haven. The report will be launched soon as well as a Community of Practice date in hopes of drawing the community in to explore and find meaning about the report together  

Making The Invisible Visible

Though the next phase of CEIO will not see the return of the Organizer's Path program we will always celebrate its successes! Fittingly dubbed "OP" this program partnered with 21 organizers & activists across CT. The Organizer's Path ran for two seasons from 2015-2018 and made transformational strides in creating spaces for organizers to invite their whole selves in the embodiment of their power, creativity, and purpose. 

Embodied Organizing


Listen to a heart filled reflection with Capacity Building & Training Partner and long time CEIO core team member, Sonja Ahuja, speak on the Partner Organization process and her reflections on 5 years of partnering with Planned Parenthood of Southern England on their journey to becoming a more just and inclusive organization. Interview by Hanifa Nayo Washington. 

The Capacity to Change

A Deeper Look At Deeper Change Forums

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