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The purpose of Co-Creating Effective & Inclusive Organizations is to increase inclusivity, justice and conscious co-creation.


We envision communities where the

voices of all its members are included in shaping their personal, family and community life. Community members recognize and act on their power to influence and make change within these circles and are supported to do so.


Our core intention is to support community-serving organizations and organizers to fully embody inclusivity, justice and conscious co-creation, thereby inspiring, encouraging and expanding the wider practice of these values within the communities they serve.



Keeping Accountable to
Liberation & Equity (KALE)

There are increased requests coming to CEIO from organizations who are recognizing their participation in systemic oppression and they want to do something to address it. 


During this next phase of CEIO, we hope to help deepen the capacity of organizations that want to move toward greater equity, internal justice-building, but that may not be suited for a long-term, whole system commitment.  Instead of the full CEIO Organizational Partnership these organizations would be served by KALE.



CEIO partners with community-serving organizations and community organizers within a Community of Practice to be more inclusive, just and consciously co-creative. We support partners to increase their overall mission effectiveness. 

CEIO is primarily focused on ways of being that then impact what you do. Our capacity-building offerings are designed for greater alignment between organizational practices, policies or operation and three key values: conscious co-creation, inclusiveness and social and economic justice.


Conscious Co-creation 

We're launching a new program! 

CEIO is desiring to support and inspire Vision Holders of all kinds both as individuals and teams to apply for support in forming and sustaining communities of practice - groups that meet regularly toward a shared purpose or concern and whose purpose includes creating greater equity, justice, well-being, and liberation within the larger community.

This new program, under the direction CEIO's Director of Community Engagement, Hanifa Nayo Washington, will widen the circles of participation in visioning and facilitating deeper change.  


Deeper Change Forums

Deeper Change Forums have grown so far beyond their original idea.  The expansion of networks, the loving and fiercely honest environment, the powerful learning.  These gatherings have become the heart of our work. They will resume Spring of 2020.

Core Training Programs

CEIO's Core Training Programs provide support to members of our organizational partnerships, organizing programs, and Deeper Change community to increase their range of motion in regards to embodying and living conscious co-creation.

Roots & All Organizing

As CEIO enters into its next phase we will continue supporting COMMUNITY ORGANIZERS in heart-centered, radically inclusive and consciously co-creative ways of designing and holding space.  We are in the process of designing a NEW offering, under the working title: ROOTS & ALL ORGANIZING.

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INFO SESSION I - Seeding Conscious Co-Creation Program
INFO SESSION II - Seeding Conscious Co-Creation Program
INFO SESSION III - Seeding Conscious Co-Creation Program
Beyond BD101: **NEW DESIGN** for 2020’s Transformational Justice Healers
Wisdom House Retreat & Conference Center
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