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A Note From Principal & Co-Founder, Niyonu Spann

I am so excited to share the CEIO Inquiry Report  -– a  concentrated exploration of the inner workings of CEIO.  We are most grateful to Angela Frusciante for dreaming into this project with the CEIO Core Team and for so skillfully guiding a process that embodied EFFECTIVENESS & INCLUSIVENESS throughout. 


You will note the care and clear commitment to equity and justice held by members of the Inquiry Team: Erin Livensparger, Isa Mujahid, Judy Meikle, Kimball Cartwright, Nataliya Braginsky, Sarah Tracy-Wanck,

Sarah Derbala, Seth Poole, Sonja Ahuja, Tyree Dickey, and Victoria Pearson.  I learn something each time I read the report.


We also express deepest appreciation for the graphic Design and project management, par excellence, of Silvia Berg of SKS Graphics. 


As you enter this Inquiry Report, you will immediately see reflected that CEIO is no ordinary diversity, equity or inclusion engagement.  We have signed on for a deeper change that honors mind – body – spirit. I invite you to bring all three to the reading of this report.




Founder and Principal of Knowledge Designs to Change, LLC

Angela K. Frusciante, PhD

I am grateful to have worked with CEIO for this inaugural research by Knowledge Designs to Change. After more than twenty years in the social sector, I started Knowledge Designs to Change to work closely with change agents engaging in equity initiatives. I dreamed about greeting change work from inside the values of the work itself. One aspect of our shared power lies in asking questions and together developing processes that illuminate our lived experiences. Whether we make meaning through words or numbers or art, knowledge processes are about shared and embodied action. My hope is that this report illuminates some ways in which CEIO, as a community of practice, is bringing us together into a more just and equitable future.

In Community, 


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