Youth Peace Fellows Initiative Co-Directors

Caprice Taylor Mendez
Caprice Fav PIC by Anthony Decarlo - Cap
Thema Haida

Join the Youth Peace Fellows Initiative (YPFI)

CEIO's youth cohort program co-creating Positive Peace

What is the Youth Peace Fellows Initiative?

CEIO is offering a first-of-its-kind, 9-month cohort experience (June 2022 - March 2023) called the Youth Peace Fellows Initiative (YPFI). Led by Co-Directors Caprice Taylor Mendez and Thema Haida, this program is for local youth 13 - 18 years of age. All youth in New Haven and surrounding towns are welcome to join.

The YPFI will address the four elements (Air, Fire, Water, Earth) as it connects to the history of peace, tools that support Power within, and Power that is aligned for cultivating harmonious relationships (Justice, Equity, & Inclusivity)​ with self, with each other, in society and with the Earth.

The cohort is scheduled to meet after school on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 4 PM -6 PM at the Mitchell Library in Westville. This program will include self-care and self-expression tools including art and healing arts, exploration and reflections around power, community building, and other transformational experiences.

All Youth Peace Fellows in the program will curate and create a project inspired by each season’s curriculum and the four elements. They will present their project/curation at the end of the project.

What current  opportunities are available for YPFI?

The YPFI Co-Directors are seeking to hire a Youth Engagement Specialist. This is a paid position and the job description is located here

To apply for the YES position, please send an email, video, or voice recording summarizing your interest in this position and how your talents/interests match those sought.

The YPFI has only 4 paid Youth Peace Fellows positions left! Join us for an exploration of collective and personal liberation with nature as your guide. This is a one-of-a-kind experience; you don't want to miss out!

To apply, please share why you're interested by sending us an email, video, text or voice recording to youth@ceio,org or (203) 533-9278.

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