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In our next phase CEIO will continue supporting YOUTH and COMMUNITY ORGANIZERS in heart-centered, radically inclusive and consciously co-creative ways of designing and holding space.  We are in the process of designing a NEW offering, under the working title: ROOTS & ALL ORGANIZING.  Our core technology - conscious co-creation or conscious use of power – is making a difference.  When it comes to building greater equity, justice and ultimately beloved community, this core technology is the vehicle to move us forward.



CEIO YOUTH: Code Name Confidence

Hopes Starts Here


Since 2012 CEIO has partnered with youth educators and youth empowerment guides to develop youth development and leadership programming. The CEIO Youth Program created a space for teenage youth from the New Haven area to plan youth-led social justice projects and events. The projects were purposed to give hope, skills, and inspiration to youth from varied backgrounds and communities.


CEIO Youth received leadership development training and workshops geared to providing the necessary tools, confidence, and skills needed to make deeper change.​


In 2018 the CEIO Youth program traveled to Ghana for ancestral healing, cultural and, and to build memories of a life time! 



The CEIO Organizer’s Path was a yearlong intensive, intentional support and training program designed to create space for current organizers to become more effective and reflect on themselves and their ways of being as organizers. The Organizer’s Path gave organizers a chance to reconnect with WHY they organize and to examine how they might be replicating the very systems they seek to transform.


The program ran 2 cohorts supporting 21 organizers from across the state including New Haven, Bridgeport and Hartford. Organizers were supported to embody inclusivity, justice and conscious co-creation thereby inspiring, encouraging and expanding the wider practice of these values within our communities and our state.

Roots & All Organizing: Projects
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