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Deeper Change Forums

Deeper Change Forums create spaces that invite fundamental transformation. A change that is so deep that a return to the previous conditions is utterly inconceivable. 

Courageous conversations - grounded in peace, justice, and love.

Our Deeper Change events hosts speakers, artists and workshops to address and move us toward systemic change throughout our society, with an emphasis on New Haven. Events allow community members to hear from and learn with each other and with featured presenters who are working at root levels of for change. Topics have ranged from environmental justice to wellbeing, organizing to art as disrupting injustice.


Deeper Change Forums are open to all and offered freely. Registration is required and will open six weeks prior to event.

DCF Current



What It Takes to Stay the Course featuring Niyonu D. Spann

Thursday, December 7th, 2023

8:30am-3:30pm EST (Light breakfast will be served at 8:30am.)

Location: TBD


About Niyonu Spann:

Niyonu D. Spann, the co-founder and director of Co-Creating Effective and Inclusive Organizations (CEIO), is an accomplished, rooted visionary and has assisted organizations and individuals to effectively fulfill their missions for over 30 years. She is also the guiding alchemist and anchoring artist at her music production company, NUYONI. 

Spann designs and facilitates large-system interventions and small-group processes that expose shared vision, tap internal resources, and map out a strategic and dynamic plan to achieve and maintain alignment between day-to-day operations and the core facilitate legislators, attorneys and grassroots organizers in abolishing the death penalty in the United States.

Since 2000, Niyonu has led the five-day intensives called Beyond Diversity 101, workshops that radically expose and transform the dynamics of diversity. Bill Graustein and Niyonu Spann first met at a BD101 session, as participant and facilitator.


Through her non-profit organization, 4 Circles Beyond, Inc., Niyonu directs the Peace, Leadership and Arts Summer Camp and recently opened a school in Chester, PA called: Academy for Peace & Liberation Education.


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Seane Corn: We Must Practice Conscious Activism

Seane Corn: We Must Practice Conscious Activism

In this Wanderlust Speakeasy at Squaw Valley, internationally celebrated yoga teacher Seane Corn discusses her life as an activist and how she has gained perspective through her practice of yoga. Through her experience Corn has found activism unsustainable in its past and current forms, as it encourages a dynamic of non-communication: People shouting at each other, but not listening to each other. In this kind of interaction, we are expressing our outrage, fear, and anger—but we are not owning them. “We are here to learn what love is. Part of the journey of learning what love is is seemingly its opposite—learning what love is not. To understand the light, we must also understand the shadow.” – Seane Corn Corn demonstrates the concept of conscious activism: A system of shared understanding and inclusive, supportive communication. This, she states, is the very core of yoga, and our job as yogis is to change the old approach to activism by consciously engaging with the world through our decisions, actions, spending, and politics. In this Speakeasy, Corn also discusses: Gross versus subtle energies and how they manifest in the body. How the injustices in the world are reflected in our own lives, and how to change them. Why it's important to connect with each other as allies. How learning empathy is a true path to oneness. “If we really want to believe that all is one, make it so. Heal your relationships. Look back on your life, look at your narratives. Forgive. Forgive yourself for thinking you should have known better, forgive them for thinking they should have known better.” – Seane Corn For more information, visit her website ( Presented by Omega ( -- Produced by Wanderlust Festival ( Filmed by: Circus Picnic ( Edited by: Start Motion Media ( Filmed at Wanderlust Squaw Valley 2015 Accompanying text by Kristin Diversi

All Past Presenters

Niyonu Spann - Dr. Joy DeGruy - Ruby Sales - Seane Corn - Climbing PoeTree - Leah & Naima Penniman - Lisa Graustein - Enroue Halfkenny - Charles Eisenstein - Jerry White - Barbara Tinney - George Penick -  Caitlin Breedlove - Ricardo Levins-Morales - Akaya Windwood - David Mura - Shakti Butler - Rusia Muhiuddin - Dr. Darya Funches - Aaron Jafferis - Lara Herscovitch - Hanifa Nayo Washington - JSUN - Terrence Riggins - New Haven (Be)Longing Choir - 2019 Dream & Activation Cohort (Katie Jones - Eric Rey - Thema Haida - Rachel Liu - Hillary Bridges - Raven Blake - Isha Vela - Robert Sheiman - Ro Godwyn - Finn Henry) - Seeding Conscious Co-Creation Cohort (Aspiring Abolitionists, Aligned to Thrive, Mending Minyan, Kurudi Watu, Imagining Abolition, RingShout:New Haven, Rising Rooted: Bloodroot, Seeds and Sprouts, Str8OuttaEden)  - Nalo A.K. Zidan - Winona LaDuke - Dr. Jamila Lyiscott

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