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Keeping Accountable to Liberation & Equity


Rising Community Need Heard

K.A.LE. is a new CEIO opportunity to support organizations and community networks to clarify, name, and activate liberation & equity within their system.

Answering the Call

Recently, someone serving as an advisor to the process of CEIO creating K.A.L.E. said, “It’s always exciting to see more opportunities to engage organizations, local leaders, and neighborhood residents in conversations designed to awaken people to their power for dismantling an oppressive system.”  We believe that his responsive description hit the nail on the head. 

K.A.L.E. is a response to the increased requests coming to CEIO from organizations who are recognizing their participation in systemic oppression and who want to do something to address it.  We saw this increase even before the uprisings and awakenings of the last few months, which have caused a marked increase in these requests.  

The K.A.L.E. Experience

Unlike the original CEIO offering - a multi-year partnership in whole-systems transformation - K.A.L.E. offers a more pointed, short-term consultation for those who need understanding and clarity about how they feel called to:

  • Be a socially just organization

  • Govern with an equity lens

  • Be anti-oppressive 

  • Be liberatory

Each of these declarations stirs the soul and uses language that points toward deep, significant change. But frequently, there is a breakdown when it becomes clear that people mean different things, assume specific new behaviors and actions and rarely do people discuss or prepare for the kind of commitment required to live into them.  

K.A.L.E. assists in building that clarity and then identifying the gaps that exist between that liberated state and the current state of affairs.  K.A.L.E. guides organizations and community networks to acknowledge what it will take to close the gaps and to de-structure systems of oppression. 

We are not currently accepting K.A.L.E. applications.

Check back regularly or follow us on social media for application announcements @CEIO 

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