Our Team

Our Core Team members are heart-fully called to do and support the work of transformational systems change.


Niyonu Spann

Principal & Co-Founder


Bill Graustein



Angela Clinton

Vision & Program Alignment

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Maza Rey

Communications & Community Engagement Specialist


Slate Ballard

Seeding Conscious Co-Creation Leader & Capacity Building Training Partner

Jill Powers

Executive Assistant & Project Manager


Capacity Building Training Partners (CBTP)

Paul Bryant Hudson - Paul Bryant Hudson.

Paul Bryant Hudson

My work is fueled by the belief that the liberation of oppressed people deserves to exist independently of the transformation of their oppressors. This core belief is the foundation of my thinking around the importance of wealth/power redistribution and reparations.

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Elizabeth Nearing

What fuels me is the possibility that unfolds from cultivating belonging; the idea that radical joy and imagination can help us co-create a better world for ourselves, our ancestors, and generations to come.

becca - Becca Bartholomew.jpg
Becca Bartholomew

The future of our planet and the power of interpersonal connection fuel my work--as does a commitment to social justice. Our survival and ability to thrive as a species necessitates recognition of our interconnection and of each other’s humanity. 

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Farron Harvey

I want to work with people to help them realize how beautiful and gifted they are, that they have the ability to change the world. I want to be able to co-create the space that allows for transformation as well as endless possibilities and in order for that to happen it has to start with me.​

Caprice Fav PIC by Anthony Decarlo - Cap

Caprice Taylor Mendez

I strive to support the co-existence of compassion, self-care and movement towards greater social justice.

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Deloris Vaughn

At my core, I know my purpose on this planet is to teach, counsel, mentor and lead by example.


Eric Rey

I learned early on in my life and career that I am deeply moved and drawn to the immense transformational healing power of human connection. I have always been and continue to be fascinated by the various ways in which our growth as humans is intertwined with one another. 

David Carter

What fuels me is connection, releasing possibility for myself and others to bring their best selves to envision and co-create the world we want.


Leyanne Oliveira

Seeding Conscious Co-Creation Associate Director & Capacity Building Training Partner