Youth Programs

As we go into our next phase for 2020 & beyond CEIO will continue supporting youth in heart-centered, radically inclusive and consciously co-creative ways of designing and holding space.  We are in the process of designing a NEW offering, under the working title: ROOTS & ALL ORGANIZING.

CEIO Youth Program creates a space for teenage youth from the New Haven area to plan youth-led social justice projects and events. Our projects are purposed to give hope, skills, and inspiration to youth from varied backgrounds and communities.


CEIO Youth receive leadership development training and workshops geared to providing the necessary tools, confidence, and skills needed to make deeper change.

Since 2012 CEIO has partnered with youth educators and youth empowerment guides to develop youth development and leadership programming. CEIO Youth traveled to Ghana in 2018 for ancestral healing, cultural and educational exchange, and to build memories of a life time! 


A Look Back On Our Youth Programs 

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