Liberation Embodied with Seane Corn

April 25, 2018


It is with the deepest clarity, conviction and excitement that I reached out to world renowned yoga teacher and social justice activist, Seane Corn to join us for this special Deeper Change Forum and Community of Practice in May.


You and I recognize that there is a tremendous call to heal from lies of separation and the power over/power under paradigm that is so foundational in much in our society. Many of you have signed on for that healing work.To respond to our community’s call for wholeness, I believe that we must listen for and followthe body’s guidance. The body offers a roadmap. It shows us the blocks and the potential openings ~ within and without.


Seane Corn is a master in teaching us how to access that map!I had the opportunity to study with Seane last year. She offered great insights for us astransformers. Some of what excited me most was her teachings on body-based activism, how trauma relates to activism, and understanding spiritual perception. During one of our sessions she said something that, on one level seems so obvious: “We cannot change what we resist orcannot see.”


Seane offers practical ways for expanding our ability to see and to work effectively with resistance - to take powerful steps toward liberation!


During this restorative and hands on Deeper Change Forum we will explore- What does the body have to teach us about staying present in the midst of horrible acts of injustice? How can we restore ourselves: mind, body & spirit, that we might support the restoration of our communities? How can we locate the trauma  that is blocking the paths to power? Why should we cultivate a body-based activism?


Come ready to move, dig deep, and truth tell.






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