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October 27, 2017


Greetings Community ~


The work of securing this year’s speakers and artists has been a different experience for me than in previous years. In the past, featured guests seemed to simply just fall into our waiting arms. This time, there was much more push and pull. At points, communication with folks seem to drop into a void, only to emerge again in a completely different place. I found I needed to let go of control, to invite a deeper listening, and allow a more expanded discernment.


Though the process was quite frustrating at times, you'll find the results are magnificent! 


The lessons learned through this process are those that I believe we are being called to explore as activists, healers and transformers in today’s world. We are called to a deeper listening, a softer gaze, more radical truthfulness and the courage to hold each other as we see through illusion and de-structure oppression. 


I believe that this year’s Forums will help us to face the ugly truths of our society and to boldly express our deepest yearnings for liberation. Each forum will provide rigorous analysis, embodied creativity and spiritual freedom.


This year’s forums call us to collective action and in my deepest prayer, to unapologetically loving each other into wholeness.


I hope to see you there! 


~ Niyonu



Niyonu Spann

Co-Founder & Principal

Co-Creating Effective & Inclusive Organizations/Organizers 











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