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October 8, 2016

Dear Deeper Change Participants - 


It was truly an honor and joy to be with you all on the 29th. Here is the slide deck from my Deeper Change Forum From Genocide to Generational Continuity: Frames for Understanding and Transforming Education. You are welcome to use some or all of it, with love and in service of creating more whole educational offerings and organizations. If you use my model of Social Justice Education framework, please give me credit. If you want to use the timeline activity, it works effectively without the stages of genocide overlay, so you can do either depending on your goals and time. All the slides that are citing data or have images, have sources listed in the notes section when you open this as a working PowerPoint. I welcome your feedback - this is a growing understanding and set of frameworks - it will only get stronger and more useful with many people adding their wisdom to it. I can be reached at  


In solidarity,




                                          Click the icon to download the presentation.

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October 7, 2019

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