CEIO is committed to long term, holistic change. We believe in co-creation every step of the way.
Following a collective, authentic evaluation of an organization’s core values and practices the process of co-creating a "new normal” emerges, where core values are in absolute alignment with an organization's mission and practices on every level. 


When CEIO is successful, there will be:

  • Increased participation in decision–making

  • An increase in practices that are socially just and that build equity throughout the community

  • Strategies outlined by partner organizations and within the larger community to eliminate systemic and structural injustice

  • Greater importance given to acknowledging people’s stories and life experiences and to the relationship of these stories to overall mission-effectiveness 

  • Evidence of the impact in the larger community including the generation of new ideas, language, collaborative projects and a shift in the level and quality of participation in community events and change effort


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