The CEIO Organizer’s Path is a yearlong intensive, intentional support and training program designed to create space for current organizers to become more effective and reflect on themselves and their ways of being as organizers. The Organizer’s Path gives organizers a chance to reconnect with WHY they organize and to examine how they might be replicating the very systems they seek to transform.

The program supports organizers in New Haven, Bridgeport and Hartford to embody inclusivity, justice and conscious co-creation thereby inspiring, encouraging and expanding the wider practice of these values within our communities and our state. Conscious co-creation is creating with others while acknowledging how power has been used and is being used to make things the way they are.


  • We envision the CEIO Organizer’s Path as a supportive intentional community, rooted in love, which helps community organizers do internal and external work to transform themselves and our society as a whole.

  • We envision organizers who care for themselves even as they effectively champion the needs of the community.

  • We envision Connecticut Communities in which organizers are respected and valued for the work they do, often at great personal sacrifice, to advance justice, equity and wholeness.


The program creates space for vulnerability, for the work of the heart, for learning from

our bodies and for noticing systems of oppression at every level.  Participants gather to consciously co-create community that supports one another’s growth as individuals and as organizers.

CEIO calls this whole systems transformation because we believe that nothing less than transformation of self, of our relationships to one another and of our society will help us create a more just and loving world.


  • Organizers build relationships with one another and have a supportive community of peers to learn from and lean on.

  • Organizers emerge more effective, self-aware and energized in body, mind and spirit.

  • Connecticut communities gain more respect for the practice of organizing and experience how organizing contributes to the changes they yearn to see.


If we would create something, we must be something.”



Angela Clinton

Organizer's Path 

Program Director 

Terna Tilley-Gyado

Organizer's Path 

Program Facilitator 

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