Collective Action as Medicinal Art featuring Ricardo Levins Morales

CEIO’s Deeper Change Forum brings speakers, artists and workshops to address and move us toward systemic change throughout our society, with an emphasis on New Haven. Events allow community members to hear from and learn with each other and with featured presenters who work at root levels of change in their communities.

Title: Collective Action as Medicinal Art

Presenter: Ricardo Levins Morales

Length: 220 mins.

Date: October 3, 2015

Location: Whitneyville Cultural Commons, Hamden, CT

Produced by: Euphoria Productions


Description: Writer, Activist, Artist Ricardo Levins Morales reminds us of the truths we already know and inspires us to turn our individual and collective "liabilities" into powerful "assets." Ricardo's activism over the years has spanned struggles for racial justice, labor rights and anti-colonialism. His workshops,trainings and mentoring practice include strategic thinking for organizations, creative organizing and trauma and resilience for organizers. He is actively engaged with Labor Notes and the Great Lakes Commons initiative.



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